The 20-Minute Focus Plan:

A Simple Set of Rituals to Banish Distraction, Gain Clarity and Enhance Productivity

WARNING: Your Brain Is Stopping You from Achieving Your Goals And You Don’t Even Know It!


Do you struggle to get any substantial work done?

Do you frequently find yourself picking up your phone, staring off into space, or Googling something trivial when you should be focused and concentrating on what you know is important to you?

To get laser-focused on your work, it takes more than putting distractions out of sight and forcing yourself to stop procrastinating.

Because let’s face it—even if you turn all your phone notifications off, you’re still going to be pulled into checking them!

Why is that?

The answer is simple…

Your brain actually WANTS to be distracted!

It wants to be distracted by the things that it thinks will either bring you pleasure or relieve emotional pain.

Why You Need a Focus-Enhancing Regimen If You Want to Boost Focus and Productivity

The 20-Minute Focus Plan EbookThe brain isn’t a muscle, but it behaves like one.

We all know that warming up our muscles enhances the physical performance, so shouldn’t we be warming up our brains to enhance our mental performance too?

Look, here’s the truth: The most powerful, tough-to-beat distractions primarily reside in your mind. This fundamental problem is discussed extensively in The 20-Minute Focus Plan.

In this book, freelance writer and digital marketer Elise Moreau shows you how to systematically “warm up” your mind to strengthen and condition it so that you can work more efficiently.

This step-by-step process will reveal the scientifically proven mental hacks that you can easily run through any time, anywhere you want to get work done.


How The 20-Minute Focus Plan Can Save You THOUSANDS of Hours of Lost Productivity


Imagine if, just by taking 20 minutes at the start of every work session to get focused, you felt the flow of energy lighting up every cell in your brain.

Imagine if challenging work didn’t feel difficult and distressing, but rather enjoyable—even meaningful.


In The 20-Minute Focus Plan, You’ll Learn:


  • The exact science behind the two types of focus, and how using the wrong one kills your productivity

  • Two powerful mind-body techniques for grounding your wandering mind and disconnecting from uncontrollable thoughts
  • One of the most underrated practices to enhance mental clarity, boost creativity and even improve memory
  • A crazy simple mental hack to renew your sense of ambition and direction in your work
  • How to trick your brain into making even the most daunting tasks feel effortless by anchoring them to your emotional desires
  • Powerful tips on how to integrate purpose and meaning into your to-do list tasks
  • A visualization exercise that trains your mind to actually WANT to take action
  • Exactly how to maintain focus despite unavoidable time constraints, distractions, and interruptions
  • How to take your focus to the next level by personalizing the plan for your needs and using a reward system to build momentum
  • BONUS: A Cheat Sheet summary of the whole plan that you can print out and use during your work session

This book is for anyone who catches themselves “escaping” from their work by giving into distractions and procrastination.


It’s for anyone who looks at their unchecked to-do list items at the end of the day and feels guilty or ashamed.

It’s for anyone who simply isn’t getting enough done to move them closer to achieving their goals.

Get your copy of The 20-Minute Focus Plan today if you want to beat distraction, procrastination, overwhelm, aimlessness, and wandering mind syndrome once and for all!

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The 20-Minute Focus Plan is Available in Both Kindle and Paperback formats.

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